What should I bring to my residency?

Ear plugs
Extra layers — even in the summer months, it can be cold here! Bring sweaters, warm socks, long underwear.
Tea, coffee, or other hot drinks if you are particular
Art supplies (bring or ship)
Printer, if desired
Computer charger, cables for printer/scanner/phone/camera, etc.
Bank card, Euros
Visa, if required
Printed map and handbook (sent to residents by email)
Guidebook or phrasebook, if desired
Plug adapters/converters (Dickinson House does not have these!)
Clothing detergent (washing machine on site)

Where is the nearest shop?

Machelen, which is about 2 km away, has a ‘tabac’/newspaper shop, a very small grocery store (no specialized food, but fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.), a butcher, a baker, a bank, and a few other shops (and cafés, restaurants). If you want a US-style grocery store, the nearest is Smatch on the Kortrijksesteenweg (about 3 km).

How do I find you/how do I get there?

All the information you’ll need is on our ‘Getting Here‘ page. If you have questions, feel free to email.

I am gluten- or lactose-intolerant. Can I find food I need in Belgium, or should I bring it from home?

Delhaize in Deinze (7 km) carries gluten-free bread and other products, as well as rice, soy, and nut milks. A baker in Machelen makes gluten-free bread. Although we can’t provide menus to fit all special dietary needs, if you let us know what you can’t eat, we’ll try to accommodate.