Erin Kate Ryan on Dickinson House

Erin Kate Ryan (recent Minnesota State Arts Board grantee for an amazing project, part of which you can read here) here as one of our final residents, and she recently wrote this about her stay:

“…Of all that dreamy time I spent, it was Belgium, and Dickinson House, that had the biggest effect on me. There I learned more about making writing & artistic community, about service to fellow artists, about building one’s own life and rules, than I perhaps have anywhere else, and certainly more than at [a major, prestigious writing conference/retreat in the US].

“Éireann Lorsung, Minneapolis-born writer (& likely genius), started Dickinson House because it’s been her dream for many years to run a writers’ residency, to serve writers, to build a generous and dynamic literary community. I came away from my two weeks there feeling, truly, that I had new extended family—even that I had newly discovered extensions of my own body.

“The weather and the countryside are strange, gothic, romantic. The gloomy November fog, the bar we discovered hiding in a shrubbery, Éireann’s impromptu hot chocolate flights in front of the fire, the field trip in which we all tumbled into the car to visit the area thrift stores. Every moment felt stolen, secret, and warm. We were in someone’s home, we were counted and seen and supported.”

(You can also read about Dickinson House in Clio Velentza’s words and in Mel Wells’ words. If you’d like to stay at Dickinson  House, find out more here. 2016 Fellowship applications close December 15.)