Dickinson House: Writers' Residency | Literary B&B

Thanks to Marleen Delombaerde for material support and possibility, without which
Dickinson House would not be a reality.

Thanks to Melissa Frantz for her ferocious belief that this could happen, and for generously and spontaneously making the pink-red-white quilt that lives in Room 1.

Thanks to Neele Dellschaft for the construction and design of the beautiful white-orange-pink-blue quilt that lives in Room 2, and for cheer and elbow-grease and fortifying us through the IKEA gauntlet and for belief, too.

Thanks to Blair Stocker for the gift of her incredible ‘Cocktails on the Beach‘ quilt, now living in Room 3.

Thanks to Joe Coghlan, many of whose photographs grace this website. Thanks also to Joe for building most of the raised beds. Thanks to Amanda Fields and her students for their help in building a databank for our publicity. Thanks to the amazing Alyson Sinclair for the gift of our PR.

Thanks to Jo Frederix and her grandmother for much of the furniture in the house. To Marie-Jeanne Vanhaelst and Stefaan Van Rechem for the boards for bookshelves and raised beds. Thanks to the people of Kortrijk, Machelen, Ghent, and Ronse for the rest of the furnishings, which we found in the well-stocked secondhand shops there. Thanks to Eddy Delombaerde, whose truck and cart have helped us haul many many many of these things, and in whose barn we store many garden/farm implements.

Thanks to Joren Blancquaert, Rachele Preda, Raffaele Severi, Emilia Cantero, and Luis
Escobar for painting, cleaning, weeding, planting, moving, lifting, and doing all of this in good cheer and with merriment that made the hours go by fast. Thanks to David Vanhaelst for perpetual willingness to explain and advise on financial and tax matters. Thanks to Freddy Vanhaelst for his interest and support and kindness. Thanks to Siska Vergotte for recommendations about insurance. Thanks to Eddy Debaere for garden advice, and to Moniek Schaubroek for artichokes and berry bushes. Thanks to Amisha Sharma, Lisa Solomon, Shari Altman, Shana Youngdahl, Laressa Dickey, and Z Cody Lee Carlsen for belief and love. Thanks to Kathryn Karoly for being part of our experiment, and for many hours of weeding and other help. Thanks to Kim Coleman Foote for feedback on and help improving the application guidelines. Thanks to all our jurists who do the hard work of helping choose fellows.

Thanks to all the people who came and stayed here in our first and second years, whose support of this project has helped make it real—who showed me that it could happen and that it mattered to live this way (with them).

Thanks to Jonathan Vanhaelst, who makes things happen without ever saying you’re just a dreamer, or get a real job, and who believes despite everything in revolution.

Thanks to Liadan McKiernan, Willie Lorsung, Michael, Cully, Amy and Noah, who have supported this from the start, always believing in it and always helping when help was needed—especially in the dark nights when it felt like this was foolhardiness itself.