We would like to welcome everyone to Dickinson House, but our location and the layout of the house mean that we are not entirely accessible (or desirable!) to everyone.

We are located two kilometers (about a mile and a half) from the nearest shop, post office, and coffee shop. There is a bar with irregular hours about 500 meters (1/3 mile) from us. We have bicycles available for residents’ use, but if you are not comfortable riding a bicycle or walking this may (sadly) not be the residency for you. Or maybe you like (or need) isolation and you’re happy spending your time in the gardens and your room—then it may well be the place for you!

All residents’ rooms are located up a flight of 16 wooden stairs. There is no ground-floor accommodation.

Animals are not allowed in the public parts of Dickinson House, including residents’ rooms.

We do our very best to accommodate food allergies.